Add SMART locks to dumb doors
The possibilities are endless...

Meet Molly

Molly is the property manager of Anne Arundel Acres, but her boss and her tenants think of her as a property hero. And a lot of it has to do with pdqSMART. Here’s why.

Anne Arundel Acres is a high-end multi-family community in Kennett Square PA. Until recently, there weren’t enough hours in the day for Anne Arundel’s property manager, Molly, to get everything done. That’s all changed with pdqSMART, the new smart lock that makes her job easy, gives her tenants unfettered access to everything they need, and provides total accountability to the owners, all for a fraction of a big-name brand access control system.

Molly Brown in Office

Introduce Smart locks in baby steps

Push Notifications

With all types of tenants, Molly, Anne Arundel Acres’ property manager, knew she couldn’t just introduce big changes all at once or everyone would push back on the new locks. She knew transitioning gradually was the key. One of the things that drew her to pdqSMART XLS was the ability to start with a single door.

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Push notifications reveal who’s up to something

Push Notifications

Wouldn’t it be great to know when someone accessed the cable and IT closet? New techs are always coming out who aren’t familiar with the setup, and they often mess up someone else’s stuff. Molly, Anne Arundel Acres’ property manager, has fielded more than a few angry phone calls when something went wrong after a service tech was out. But she now has a solution!

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Schedule access without wasting time

Easily Keep Tabs

Everyone at Anne Arundel Estates is busy, so no one likes to wait around to make sure a service tech gets in to do their job. Being able to control who has access to the building and when is a big deal for security as well. Molly, the property manager, is always worried about handing out keys to service providers and not getting them back.

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Easily keep tabs on who come and goes

Easily Keep Tabs

“The entertainment room is a mess again. Why did we never put a camera on that door?” Molly wondered. “Come to think of it, did the pool guy actually come by this week and check on our supplies? How can I figure out who is doing what and when it’s happening?”

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Let tenants operate smart locks their own way

Operate your way

“But I don’t want to use a smart phone! How will I get in?” The guy in 402 has already told everyone he isn’t using his phone as a key. No way, period. Then there’s Mrs. Sommers who is like 100 years old and probably doesn’t even have a cell phone at all. These sure seem like huge roadblocks to integrating smart locks all around. How do I get the tenants to buy in to switching?

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Retrofitting with smart locks integrates everything


Anne Arundel Acres’ portfolio was built through acquisitions and we are just now beginning to build our own properties. They all have different locks, so how do we blend the old and the new? Managing keys to them all is challenging enough. Can smart locks improve our efficiency and productivity?

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Upgrade old locks to smart locks; it's easy and affordable


Competition for tenants is fierce. They are attracted to progressive properties that offer convenience, safety and security. For older properties, the cost of upgrading to smart lock technology has always been out of reach. Molly, the manager at Anne Arundel Acres, calculated the ROI on pdqSMART locks at less than three years, even without a tenant premium.

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Manage access for anyone from anywhere


Sunday afternoon, and the tenant in Unit 310, a single mom, is calling in a panic, “Water is pouring from my neighbor’s unit and she’s not home. Send somebody to fix it NOW!” Is there an alternative to driving across town to let the plumber in?

Molly simply calls her trusted plumber, Dave, and provides him a secure invite code to access the unit. Read how it all turns out.

Turn tenants’ smartphones into keys


People use their phones for practically everything, so why not a key? As a property manager, do you really want to call a locksmith whenever a tenant moves out, or worse yet, accidentally locks herself out?

Learn how Molly simplified access for Anne Arundel’s tenants, while also simplifying her own life.